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BioRich Sweet®
Sachet - 1g x 50 Sachets Box
Bottle - 150g Bottle


BioRich Sweet is Stevioside sweetener, which is 100% natural sweetener. It gives ZERO calories. In case that you are on diet or having diabetic, this is the product for you.


What is Stevioside/Stevia?

Stevioside is a sweetener powder, which is extracted from Stevia rebaudiana. This plant is originally from the northeast forest of Paraguay, where is the border of Paraguay and Brazil. Centuries ago before European discovered South America Continent, Stevia rebaudiana had been locally used as sugar. In fact Stevia leaf itself gives 10-15 times sweeter than table sugar. When it is extracted to Stevioside, it gives enormous sweetness, which is 300 times sweeter than table sugar.

Stevioside has many significant advantages to human. One of them is undamaged in heat. Stevioside can mix into any hot beverages such as coffee and tea and stills sustain high naturally nutrients unlike artificial sweetener such Aspartame. It increases food favor when it is added during cooking, grilling, and baking. In term of medical advantages, Stevioside is able to cure sore and reduce infection due to its anti-bacteria and anti-biotic properties.


Stevia vs Aspartame

Hitherto, there are many published researches shown the serious effects of long-term usage of Aspartame sweetener on human. Aspartame has profound effects on eye tissue, blood pressure, migraine headache, irritability, dizziness, impairment of memory and concentration. Aspartame is highly not recommended to use with Pkenylketonuria (PKU) patients, eyes related disease patients, pregnancy women and nursing mothers, children and hypersensitivity patients.


In 1995 US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allowed to import Stevioside as a supplementary food product. Due to the permission of importing Stevioside into USA , it proves that Stevioside, which is extracted from Stevia rebaudiana, is safe to human. On the other hand, consumer tends to avoid Aspartame sweetener and minimizes Aspartame sweetener usages due to the dangers on human health.


Our BioRich Sweet

BioRich Sweet contains not only Stevioside but also Maltodextrin, which is extracted from natural plant. Stevioside itself gives very sharp sweet taste, which is not suitable for consuming. Therefore Meltodextrin will dilute the strong sweet taste of Stevioside to be as sweet as table sugar. BioRich Sweet is suitable to everyone, who loves the sweet taste but still need to control diet and sugar level. BioRich Sweet gives NO CALORIES. BioRich Sweet is for you.