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Far products, manufactured with the use of the most advanced technological processes, are rigorously tested and certified from the most prestigious international institutions.


All material processing operations are carried out with technologically advanced machines, numeric controlled lathes, CNC welding centers, transfer, epoxy and epoxy polyester powder painting cab, static heating furnace, computerized test bench, etc. The brass used is completely free from ferrous substances and is used in the form of drawn bars or hot pressed. The alloy used for the brazing is free of Cadmium.Before painting, taps are completely degreased both externally and internally thanks to the use of a mix of hot water and soap in an ultrasound vat. This guarantees the absence of polluting substances in the tap when used and this is always fully environment friendly.


The assembly of taps is carried out with the highest accuracy by the responsible staff with a special attention for design.


The pre-assembly before painting, is carried out with loctite or through welding which are then cleaned from slags through sandblasting, without the use of chemical aggressive agents.
In the final stage the assembly of the screwdown is carried out through the use of SIT certified dynamo-metrical wrenches (for gas and water ceramics taps only).


The painting is carried out by skilled staff with cabs and guns always technologically advanced; the powder baking is carried out in a static furnace in order to give hardness and acid resistance to the painting.


FAR's products quality is further guaranteed by the test of all the taps through the use of a computerized test bench, which gives the possibility to send to the customers a final inspection report, indicating all the test values for each single tap and other useful information.


As guarantee of taps quality FAR has an internal calibration system for the measurement instruments and a thickness gauge with NAMAS certified reference films to check painting thickness.